Privacy policy

Basic Policy for the protection of personal information
The Company recognizes its social responsibility of the Company, to be handled properly (the “Personal Information”) information about you personally, personal information protection laws and personal information when dealing with your personal information all employees will comply with internal rules for.
Personal information collected your
To the extent necessary business, personal information to have you provided by you, we will collect on to clarify the purpose of the collection and use, and consent was obtained.
About the use of your personal information
We do not do use of personal information in use for purposes other than that we had the consent from our customers.
For provision to third party
Unless you have prior written consent of the customer, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties. However, in the folloblade cases, without the prior consent of the customer, may disclose your personal information to third parties.
  1. If you are under the provisions of laws and regulations
  2. If you have received a request with a legal obligation judicial institutions, from government agencies, based on the laws and regulations.
  3. If that person’s life, be necessary for the protection of the health or property, to obtain the consent of customers is difficult
For the proper management
Your personal information will endeavor to manage state-date and accurate at all times. In addition, we have implemented security measures to prevent access, damage, loss, leakage, tampering, unreasonable use, such as non-target.
For offers of sending cancellation of exhibition guides, etc.
We are guide you in the direct mail, such as information that may be beneficial to you, but to our customers you are not going to hope, we will respond as soon as possible to stop offer.
Disclosure, correction, deletion
If you are going to wish to disclose, correct or delete your personal information, we will respond within a reasonable range, based on the procedures prescribed by the Company, I confirm that it is your identity.
For internal system
To employees, and aims to raise awareness about the protection of personal information, the Company has managed appropriately.
I do not use cookies in our web site.
For access log file
When a customer accesses the page and other product information on this site, log your access will remain in automatically. The access log, history relating to the access of stay time, etc. and the date and time web site the type of OS name and version of the browser the name of the Internet service provider customers are used, used, used, viewed, and the pages you visit it is, they are used to measure statistically website usage, and improve the convenience of the future. In the access log, it does not your “personal information” will remain.
About Link
Our web site contains a link to an external site of some, but it does not share the information privacy. We do not bear responsibility at all in us with respect to the collection of personal information that is carried out in the linked web site, Be sure to refer to personal information handling contents of the linked web site.
About updating the privacy policy
The contents of the privacy policy, there is a thing to change it if necessary. Is to the visitor, so I can not do … each time, please refer to the contents of the latest on this page at the time of the use.
Revision 31 August 2010
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