Product Information


Preparation tank

MIZUHO’S VACCUM AGITATOR is a composite equipment which performs agitation and emulsification while optimizing conditions (vacuum, pressure, cooling, and heating) inside the vessel.

D Dissolving Tank

Aqueous phase / oil phase dissolution bath D-150 (with swivel type Ultra mixer)
  • Pulsator (specified)
    Pulsator (specified)
  • Disperser (optional)
    Disperser (optional)
  • Pulsator + propeller mixer
    Pulsator + propeller mixer
  • It is a tank for dissolution of raw materials in oil phase and in water phase before emulsification.
  • There agitator (pulsator) at the bottom.It is available to agitate from a small amount to large.
  • It is possible to dissolve the solid material.
  • Because there is no agitator in the top of the tank, you can put raw materials into the tank easily.
  • By adding the lifting mechanism and the swivel type mixer (selectable from homo mixer, dispersion mixer and ultra mixer) between aqueous phase dissolving bath and the oil phase dissolution bath, it is possible to use both bath to get high efficience. Produntion manufacturing in the melting tank only is also avairable.
Contents (L) (aqueous phase) 150 (oil phase) 150
Specified charge amount (L) (aqueous phase) 120 (oil phase) 120
Pulsator motor (kW) 0.4
Rotational speed (rpm) 500 – 1200
Ultra mixer motor (kW) 3.7
Rotational speed (rpm) 350 – 3500