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Preparation tank

MIZUHO’S VACCUM AGITATOR is a composite equipment which performs agitation and emulsification while optimizing conditions (vacuum, pressure, cooling, and heating) inside the vessel.

Injection Manufacturing Equipment and Other

Injection Manufacturing Equipment and Other
  • ● GMP compliant device
  • ● Mizuho offers a wide range of support both in hardware aspects such as tank structure, agitation structure and piping structure and in software aspects such as adjustment processes including CIP and SIP.
  • ● We design and manufacture various kinds of plant other than this catalog.
Contents (L) 300 (2 units)
Material of S SUS316L electrolytic polishing finish atwetted parts
Operating Temperature (℃) from room temperature to 130
Working pressure (MPa) atmospheric pressure to 0.3
Mechanical seal Double mechanical seal Carbide – Carbide
Operation methid CIP SIP program cintril
Preparation operation プログラムコントロール