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Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Contributing to the reduction of industrial waste treatment. It is confidence in the factory of the world. We offer a line-up to meet the needs from single unit to a total plant. Today, due to the lack of landfill sites, reduction of industrial waste is in urgent need. Reduction of sludge, which accounts for a large proportion in the industrial waste has become a major issue. In production activities, environment 3R (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) is important. As a result, high awareness of environmental issues is required. Facilities of Mizuho industry, including the sludge reduction system of wastewater treatment facilities, to meet with high technology to the needs of the environment in general.
Draining Apparatus Series Features
  1. Operation is easy
  2. Realize space saving package type
  3. Capable of automatic operation of all system
  4. And build a perfect maintenance system by our engineer
  5. Ideal for ISO14001

Please ask for support after installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities and water quality analysis,

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