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General Purpose Emulsifying Equipment

MIZUHO is proud of the generic type emulsifying equipment combines high performance, design, and economy

VQ-1-250II Upper double agitating system

VVQ-1-250II Upper double agitating system
VQ agitator
Shaft liquid seal medium-sized top double type (Homo/ scraping)

The rally here the know-how of emulsifier production of more than 50 years.
The generic type emulsifying equipment accommodate a wide range of product manufacture.

  • This equipment has upper part double mixing system consisting of homo mixer and scraping mixer which allows sufficient mixing and top to bottom convection is the vessel.
  • According to high speed shear caused by homo mixer, it’s possible to uniform atomization of emulsion.
  • By standardization and simplification design of the structure in the staffing box, could achieve improved reliability and simple.
Inner Capacity (L) 250
Standard charge amount (L) 200
Product Contact Part SUS316
付帯設備 Accessory equipment: Water dissolving tank 200 type Oil dissolving tank 150 type
150 type oil dissolving tank
Power Upper part homo mixer (high viscosity)
 500 – 3500rpm
Scraping mixer
 6 – 60rpm
Pulsator (water phase, oil phase)
 300 – 1200rpm
Other (vacuum and hydraulic)
Supply voltage 380V
  • 1 To improve scraping capability in the vessel, perfect circle has been standardized.
  • 2 By improving the overturning mechanism, we have realized the reduction of operation than conventional handle.
  • 3 Operation of the device is equipped with a standard 12-inch touch screen. Japanese, English, and Chinese words can be selected at screen.
  • 4 It corresponds to broad fields, such as cosmetics, medical supplies, food, and a chemistry article.
  • 5 Consideration of corrosion resistance, hygiene, the equipment consist of all stainless steel as standard feature. Products contact parts consist of SUS 316 made.
  • 6 To consider maintenance works, seal parts have been reduced.
  • 7 By streamlining paddle and scraping blade, cleaning efficiency has been increased
  • 8 By compact design, it’s possible to install the equipment in small space.
  • 9 Trend data can be collected in SD card (each tank temperature, each rotation speed, and the degree of vacuum). The collected data are loaded by CSV format. The graph can be edited by Excel and so on.
Installation Drawing
Installation Drawing
Installation Drawing