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Bottom circulation mixer

Possible circulation, miniaturization at low power by the adoption of high-speed agitating blades of the three types.
agitating for high viscosity material is possible.

TW-250 bottom circulation mixer

TW-250 bottom circulation mixer
Forward and reverse type

Forward :If you are put in a a large amount of powder in short period . tank inside blown up, circulation method
Reverse: top suction, circulating method

  • by a high-speed agitating blades of the three types, circulation at low power and miniaturization is possible.
  • driving maximum viscosity 100Pa · sec at (100,000 cp) is possible.
  • Compliance with CIP cleaning. (Finish washing with purified water and self cleaning liquid circulation to external pipe from the tank)
    ※ patented in June 26 2013


 粘度10万cp カーボポールを循環撹拌

Contents (L) Inner Capacity 250L
Charging amount (L) Working Capacity 200L
agitating method single top shaft, single bottom shaft
Scraping mixer
10 ~ 60r/min 2.2kW
Three-stage circulation mixer
300 ~ 3500rpmp 7.5kW
Top: homo mixer
Middle: Cracking blade
Lower: circulation blade