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Mixer for Research and Production

Agitating device for laboratory is to collect data to develop and to scale up products.
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PVQ-3UN Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment/Mixer for Laboratory

  • PVQ-3UN-II
  • PVQ-3UN
Various exchange blade
  • Homo mixier for low viscosity
    Homo mixier for low viscosity
  • Homo mixier for high viscosity
    Homo mixier for high viscosity
  • Dispersion mixer
    Dispersion mixer
  • Ultra mixer
    Ultra mixer
Variation of blade
The top double type (homo/scraping)
  • PVQ-3UN will provide scale up data for the production machine.
  • Emulsifying and mixing test can be easily done under vacuum.
  • You can perform various agitating tests easily with exchanable blades,
  • Compatible apparatus for 3L-5L and for 3L-7L is also available by exchange of agitating blade and the glass container. Please contact us.
  • Since the emulsifying vessel and jacket are made of pyrex glass, the state of the manufacturing process can be observed.
  • The contact parts are made of pyrex glass or stainless steel for sanitary and anti-corrosive operation.
  • Digital tachometers indicate the rotary speeds of the mixers. The rotary speed of each mixer can be freely changed with the slide dial.
  • The products in the emulsifying vessel can be easily heated or cooled with the selection valve.
  • The contact parts are detachable and can be easily cleaned.
  • The emulsifying vessel can be tilted with the hand lever for easy discharge of products.
Total capacity(L) 1 3 5 7
specified charge amount (L) 0.7 2 3.5 5
Homo mixer motor (kW) 0.45
Rotational speed (rpm) 1000 – 10000
Scraping mixer motor (kW) 0.2
Rotational speed (rpm) 25 – 250
Power supply (V) AC100
Equipment dimensions (mm) 1020(W)×570(L)×1932(H)
Total capacity(L) 3
Specified charge amount (L) 2
Homo mixer motor (kW) 0.75(AC100V)
Rotational speed (rpm) 1000 – 10000
Scraping mixer motor (kW) 0.12(AC100V)
Rotational speed (rpm) 15 – 150
Equipment dimensions (mm) 800(W)×650(L)×1350(H)