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Agitating device for laboratory is to collect data to develop and to scale up products.
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PVK-1D Tabletop Vacuum Planetary Kneader

  • PVK-1D
Variation of blade
Frame type blades (2 pcs) Top planetary conjunction agitating
  • The kneading test under vacuum can be done easily.
  • This system is fully equipped with basic utilities such as vacuuming, heating, and chilling.
  • kneading performance has been improved by the forward and reverse mechanism.
  • Data management (temperature, rotation speed, and degree) can be also carried out by means of a personal computer.
  • This model permits trial production on a small scale.
Total capacity(L) 1
Specified charge amount (L) 0.5
Motor (kW) 0.09
Rotation(rpm) 20 – 195
Revolution (rpm) 8 – 80
Power supply (V) AC 100
Equipment size (mm) 245(W)×505(L)×551 ~ 751(H)
Equipment weight (kg) 44

Ancillary equipment heater vacuum pump USB terminal management software