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Mixer for Research and Production

Agitating device for laboratory is to collect data to develop and to scale up products.
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SLR Elevating homo mixer for production

  • SLR-1500 Homo mixer
  • SLRD-1500 Dispersion mixer
  • homo-mixer for production. It is most suitable for uniform dispersion of the liquid agent and, the production of milky liquid.
    preparation of raw materials isalso available.
  • By incorporating into existing equipment, emulsification and agitation are easily performed.
  • It is possible to move the body without taking the place.
  • All contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS316L, SUS304, and SUS 316.
  • the replacement blades ,for homo mixer for low viscosity, homo mixer for high viscosity, dispersion mixer, and ultra mixer ,are available.
  • we are manufacturing from small to large production machine . We propose optimal mixer design according to your request.
Motor (kW) 1.5(AC200V)
Rotational speed (rpm) 350 – 3500
Throughput (L) 100 – 250
Equipment dimension (mm) 960(W)×950(L)×2385(H)
Motor (kW) 1.5(AC200V)
Rotational speed (rpm) 180 – 1800
Throughput (L) 100 – 250
Equipment dimensions (mm) 910(W)×934(L)×2845(H)