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Agitating device for laboratory is to collect data to develop and to scale up products.
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PVK Vacuum Planetary Kneader

  • PVK-3
  • PVK-5
Variation of blade
  • Grating blade (1 piece)
    Grating blade (1 piece)
  • Frame type blades (2 pieces)
    Frame type blades (2 pieces)
  • C-type blade (2 pieces)
    C-type blade (2 pieces)
  • Hook type blade (2 pieces)
    Hook type blade (2 pieces)
Top planetary conjunction agitating
  • The dual blades of this system perform a planetary motion. Moreover, the precise clearance of the blades, there is no dead space in the tank.
  • The kneading test under vacuum and heating and cooling of products can be done easily.
  • Kneading tank and jacket are made of stainless steel as standard.
  • As product contact parts are made of stainless steel, so it is sanitary and anti-corrosive.
  • Rotary speeds of blades can be changed freely with slide dials.
Model PVK-3 PVK-5
Contents (L) 3 5
Motor 0.75kW(200V)
The revolution speed (rpm) 11 – 110
Rotation rotation speed (rpm) 32 – 319 24 ~ 236