Product Information


Vertical Kneader

Powerful blade achieves minimum clearance and can clean easily

VKN-1-10 utility model registered

VKN-1-10 utility model registered
  • Upper dual shaft type with a driven shaft and drive shaft
  • blade only rotation.
  • Driven shaft and drive shaft are in a single shaft, so strength are improved from previous machine. Therefore, this machine is suited to raw materials of higher viscosity.
  • Because there is no joint to the shaft,you can put jacket on the blade within in result, heating and coolin is possible
    Heating or cooling of the blade is impossible in case of rotation/revolution device.
  • Because the shaft strength is improved, it is possible to narrow the clearance of blade between the tank bottom and inner wall of tank. (1mm clearance possible)
  • The shape of the tank body is the gourd-shaped. the relief is small in this casing,so you can work out in a short time.
  • A jacket is provided on the tank, so heating and cooling are possible
  •  raw material releasing method is chosen from rollover type or take out valve
  • As an option, replaceable blade is possible. (In the case of replaceable, no jacketed blade)
Agitating tank and agitating blades
Inner Capacity(L) 10
Standard Working Capacity(L) 3 – 6
Rotational speed (rpm) 10 – 118
Motor (kW) 5.5
Equipment dimension (mm) 1055(W)×1250(L)×1675(H)
Weight (kg) 1350