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Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment

Automation of vacuum emulsifying agitator

  • AVQS-1-500C AVQS-1-500C
  • APVT-1-15C APVT-1-15C
About automation
1.Computerized Auto-control
  • ● All the manufacturing processes are automated (manual mode selectable)
  • ● Our original system reproduces accurate cooling curves.
  • ● GMP validation and adopts the Sanitary Standard
  • ● Automatic operation programs can be easily created. (Teaching system, scale-up system)
All the manufacturing processes are automated (manual mode selectable) It is possible to do correctly and unintendedly all the operations including material weighing, heating, dissolving, emulsifying, cooling product transport, and changing of agitator rotating speed. Agitating mechanism has variations to apply each specifications of production you want. The system is compliance to GMP standard with hygienic design for GMP. The teaching up and scale up system make it easy to program automatic operation.
Realization of the automatic operation by computer
2.Check production flow on the monitor screen
You can check the device operation or operating result at a glance by monitor screen. By checking operating valves and motors, you can make sure which process is going on.
Manufacturing Flow
Manufacturing Flow
Date extraction sample
According to the result of trend graph, it is proved that the device is operating without problems. In addition, this data is also useful for quality check of product by equipping device like PIT conductivity measurement. As shown in the example on the right, entering numerical data
Program setting example
Input numerical data to set automatic operation as shown in the example on the right. The teaching system program is to make automation program according to the record of manual operation process of of vacuum emulsifying agitator. The data of each process such as heating, cooling, agitating and required time for vacuum is automatically programmed by teaching system. And from the next batch, the same production as manual operation of the process and the time is possible automatically. Therefore, you can produce the same product continuously. For this reason, all vacuum emulsifying agitator of MIZUHO can operate in manual mode as conventional devices, and are easy control designed.
Manufacturing Flow