Product Information


Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment

MIZUHO’S VACCUM AGITATOR is a composite equipment which performs agitation and emulsification while optimizing conditions (vacuum, pressure, cooling, and heating) inside the vessel.

VTU top and bottom triple agitation type

VTU top and bottom triple agitation type
VTU agitating blade variation
Top and bottom triple type (bottom homo/ paddle/ scraping)
  • top dual hollow shaft the outer part is scraping agitation (Anchor agitation), the inner part is paddle agitation.
  • bottom high speed agitation (Homo mixer, Ultra mixer, others at the bottom tank.)
  • enough up-down convection and mixing is available with top-bottom triple shaft agitation
  • paddle stirring blade can be cooling water circulation structure for large machine.
  • a uniform atomization of the emulsion is possible.
  • It has the shaft seal structure which is able to agitate under vacuum.
  • Installation of various equipments are available for improving the cleaning.
  • much production experience in specification of sanitary standard
  • excellent operability from long time experience.
  • It is possible to high reliable scale-up based on our demonstration machine.
  • automatic operation from a personal computer is possible.
  • We provide maintance service with our skilled engineers
  • agitation from a small amount is available compared with VQ type or VT type.
Contents (L) Inner Capacity 350 L
Standard charge amount (L) Standard Working Capacity 280L
Wetted parts material Product contact part SUS304
Jacket for heating and cooling equipped, with heat keep function
Top and bottom triple agitating method Homo mixer
350 – 3500r/min 3.7kW
Scraping mixer
11 – 105r/min 2.2kW
Paddle mixer
9 – 90r/min 1.5kW