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Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment

MIZUHO’S VACCUM AGITATOR is a composite equipment which performs agitation and emulsification while optimizing conditions (vacuum, pressure, cooling, and heating) inside the vessel.

VTU-1-650 Top bottom triple agitating type

VTU-1-650 Top bottom triple agitating type
VTU Agitator
Top bottom triple agitating type (bottom homo /paddle/ scraping)
  • Scraping mixer and paddle mixer are on top, and Homo mixer is at the bottom (the bottom of the tank). This enables sufficient mixing agitation and up down convection.
  • a uniform atomization of the emulsion is possible by high shear homo mixer.
  • agitation from a small amount is available compared with VQ type or VT type. Specification for homo mixer is equipped to the bottom of the tank.
  • bottom homo mixer has double mechanical seal. The special structure enhances seal durability in agitation of high-hardness fine powder, compared to the conventional our device.
  • bottom homo mixer is replaceable with the other type agitating blades as optional.
Contents (L) Inner Capacity 500L
Standard charge amount (L) 500
Wetted parts material Product contact part SUS316
Equipped with Aqueous phase dissolution bath 500 type
Oil phase dissolution bath 400 type
Power Bottom homo mixer
350 – 3500 r/min
Scraping mixer
6 – 60 r/min
Paddle mixer
6 – 60 r/min
Pulsator (aqueous phase / oil phase)
500 – 1200 r/min
1.5kW (×2)
Others (vacuum / hydraulic/rollover)
Assembly drawing
Assembly drawing
Assembly drawing