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Vacuum Planetary Kneader

A wide variety of agitating blade
We offer many kinds of blades for optimum agitation

VKD 3- shaft/ 4-shaft- type vacuum kneading agitator DX

  • VKD-1-30
  • VKD-1-60
4-shaft vacuum kneading agitation blade

Hook- type blades: 2 units
Ultra mixer:1 unit
Dispersion mixer : 1 unit

The four blades shown left revolve/rotate to emulsify, disperse, and knead products to agitate.
This is ideal for high viscosity product to emulsify, disperse, knead, and to agitate; for powder mixing or coating.
Ultra mixer or Dispersion mixer is replaceable with Homo mixer.
The Ultra mixer and the Dispersion mixer is removal.
Attaching a temperature element on top enables to measure the product temperature by revolving along with the other blade.

Common Variation of blade
  • Adoption of 3-shaft, 4-shaft mechanism eliminates the dead space to get more effective emulsifying , dispersion, and kneading agitation.
  • With a jacket on the tank, temperature control (heating and cooling) during the manufacturing process is possible.
  • Products releasing method can be chosen in a wide variety styles.
  • Because the kneading work is done completely under vacuum, the finished products will not be contaminated by bacterium or oxidation. Therefore, high quality products can be produced.
Elevating tank
Elevating tank
Contents (L) Inner Capacity 60L
Standard charge amount (L) Standard Working Capacity 40L
Wetted parts material Product contact part SUS304
Jacket for heating and cooling equipped, with heat keep function
Hook type blade (2 pieces) Rotation 10 – 110(r/min) 3.7kW
Revolution 5 – 50
Dispersion mixer(r/min)
Ultra Mixer(r/min)
Rotation 350 – 3500 7.5kW
Rotation 350 – 3500