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Vacuum Planetary Kneader

A wide variety of agitating blade
We offer many kinds of blades for optimum agitation

VK Vacuum Planetary Kneader

  • VK-1-650
  • VK-1-35
Vacuum kneading apparatus agitating blade
The dual blades of this system perform a planetary motion which produces perfect mixed products.
Variation of equipment common feather
  • The finely fished blades rotate with a minimum of clearances between blades and tank, blade and blade. The blades while performing a planetary motion, kneed the raw materials in a unique way. Because of the precise clearance of the blades, there is no dead space in the tank. As a result, the working time of the kneading or mixing is shortened.
  • Temperature is easily controlled during mixing via the jacket.
  • Blade are detachable and are cleaned easily.
  • Products releasing method can be chosen in a wide variety styles.
Contents (L) Inner Capacity 35L
Standard charge amount (L) Standard Working Capacity 20L
Wetted parts material Product contact part SUS304
Incubation with and for heating and cooling jacket
Frame type blades (two) rotation  15 – 150 1.5kW
rotation  8 – 80