Research and Development


Technical Center

For new product development, we offers equipment.

Complete a variety of test machines in the “Technical Center”,
we can perform prototype to meet the needs of our customers.

Which equipment is good? What kind of condition is needed ? How to produce a equipment to obtain a product for the target?
Before mass production of new products and the introduction of new equipment, many problems bother you.
Our wide variety of demonstration test machines will respond to the needs of our customers. In a broad range of industries, we have you to try a wide range of customers.

We do not unerstand or decide the device is ideal or not just by looking at the catalog. So referring to the prototype data obtained here as the basic “use the test machine” that as part of the proposal-based sales activities,
make the design of the device to offer the Company. In addition, we will precisely meet any consultation on research and manufacturing settings and scale-up conditions to move to production levels from lab scale.

Towards the Technical Center available

  1. Please bring always solvent for cleaning (including shoes, even gloves, etc.) (cloth, disposable cup, etc.), work clothes consumables, equipment, container in regard to filling the prototype.
  2. Please take us all generated by prototype “liquid waste” is not responsible for “garbage”.
  3. Do not to touch the switches of our staff, so you perform as a general rule in regard equipment operation.
  4. Please always specified date when you sent the material associated with the trial directly from the manufacturer.
  5. I hope in the cash on delivery” as a general rule in regard Product back after prototyping.
  6. When included hazardous materials (including poison) to prototype raw materials, both, please bring protective equipment when we have you contact us in advance.
  7. For the shortening of the trial time, please note the weight of raw materials in advance as possible.