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第15期半固形製剤教育研修会【第5回】を開催いたしました The 15th period, “education and training session of the semisolid preparation [Fifth meeting]” was held on September 9, 2022.


第15期半固形製剤教育研修会 The 15th period, “education and training session of the semisolid preparation”


Every year, The Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering holds three education and training sessions, which target young engineers of each pharmaceutical preparations.


However, due to the prevalence of COVID-19, it was decided that they would be held on the Web in 2022.

「半固形製剤設計と工業化研究 ー半固形製剤の製造技術と基礎知識ー」をメインテーマとし、幹事会社である弊社は、半固形製剤技術の習得を希望する方(研修生)を対象に研修を担当いたしました。

This session’s main themes are design and industrialization of the semisolid preparation [production technology and basic knowledge]. MIZUHO INDUSTRIAL, one of the administrative agents, was in charge of the session of the trainees who wished in order to learn technical skills of the semisolid preparation.

半固形製剤のスケールアップの実際(1) Actual scale-up techniques of the semisolid preparation [First meeting]

ご挨拶 Greetings

開会の挨拶 Opening address

事務局による進行でスタートし、製剤機械技術学会 理事 松本 治 氏より開会の挨拶を頂戴いたしました。

The organizer acted as facilitator for this session, and Osamu Matsumoto, an administration officer of The Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering, made an opening address.


So far, the example of experiment on a beaker scale was discussed, but studies on the industrialization with manufacturing apparatuses were started.


He spoke about summary of the lectures which show procedures for Industrializing the semisolid preparation, one of the main themes in this sesseion.

講義と工場見学 Lectures and Plant Tour

Zoom機能を使った講義 Lectures with Zoom


In the first half of our lectures, we delivered lectures on “Emulsification and Agitation” and “Machines Used in Manufacturing the Semisolid Preparation”.


Considering emusification from the point of view of agitation, we explained the importance of using MIZUHO’s emulsifying mixer at the time of manufacturing the semisolid preparation.


On our web page, “Kakuhan Lab.”, we have clearly introduced basic knowledge related to the MIZUHO’s emulsifying mixer, which performs agitation and emulsification necessary for manufacturing the semisolid preparation.

工場見学 Plant tour


Next, the trainees had an experience of our plant tour through watching the video we previously shot from the spectators’ point of view. We introduced our plant a little casually.


We believe that the trainees were able to know our manufacturing floor and come in contact with our skills utilized there.

全体討議 Full-participation Discussion

試作の様子 Making a trial product


In the latter half of our lectures, we delivered lectures on “Scale-up Techniques Using the MIZUHO’s emulsifying mixer” and “Discussion Centered around Scale-up Techniques”.


Normally, the trainees can experiment on making a trial product with the MIZUHO’s emulsifying mixer and learn scale-up techniques through the day-long paractice.


As mentioned above, since it was decided that this session would be held on the Web in 2022, it became impossible to carry out such an experience.

全体討議 full-participation discussion


We therefore provided the video, in which processes of making a trial product is described, for the trainees, and planned full-participation discussion with Zoom.


We took up a way of thinking about the scale-up procedure as a subject for discussion. Since it was difficult for the trainees to prepare the clear answers to this topic, but we heard various opinions which could be discussed in the practice of making a trial product.

最後に… Concluding remarks


The education and training session provides practial educations concerning basic knowledge and testing apparatus of medicinal chemical manufacturing, and plans pratices with the equipment of a level equivalent to the machine used during manufacturing.


Furthermore, in addition to technical understanding and learning, this session promotes friendly relation among the trainees, and supports a portion of employee training.

Academic journal


Also, in the form of a report from a trainee, an article pertinent to our lectures is going to be appeared in the academic journal of The Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering.